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The most important functions at a glance 

All tasks in Shop Floor Management -
digitally supported with the functions of ValueStreamer®.

Why Valuestreamer®?

ValueStreamer® as a leadership tool supports the continuous improvement of processes and the optimization of collaboration.


Optimize processes in all areas of your business with digital Shop Floor Management. Learn more about the use cases.

Digital Shop Floor Management in Production

Complete transparency over your entire production.


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Dynamic production environment meets lack of transparency


In today's rapidly changing production landscape, ever shorter product life cycles, a growing number of product variants or rising operating costs, among other factors, make day-to-day business more difficult.

To remain competitive under these conditions, ensuring smooth operations and continuously improving processes is crucial. However, this is often not possible – some reasons for this: lack of transparency regarding data, processes, deviations, resource availability, etc.

As a result, not only do costs increase, but also output fluctuations, quality issues, and problems with on-time delivery.

The key to success lies in the introduction of modern technologies and the optimization of production processes.



Achieve operational excellence in production

Optimize your Shop Floor and control quality, output quantity and delivery times effortlessly with digital Shop Floor Management.




Long response times

❌ Deviations and disruptions are detected too late - the ability to work and unobstructed operation is no longer guaranteed

High effort

❌ Data from different sources (third-party systems, manual lists, Excel, etc.) are obtained manually - this is both time-consuming and error-prone

❌ Information is passed on and condensed manually along the Shop Floor cascade - this leads to unnecessary multiple data maintenance

❌ Historical data, e.g., on recurring errors, is not stored - resulting in multiple efforts

❌ Templates for analog SFM boards as well as their physical roll-out have to be adapted and maintained manually

Limited availability

❌ Information from the analog SFM boards is only available locally



Increased transparency

✔️ Target-actual-deviations can be easily and quickly identified using the 1-3-10 rule as well as automatic status rules - decisions can be made based on facts

Increased commitment

✔️ The possibility of initiating deviation management directly on a key figure, for example, promotes the consistent and binding processing of countermeasures

Reduced effort

✔️ Connection to third-party systems is possible (REST API) - data is automatically captured and updated

✔️ Information is automatically aggregated and shared using networked SFM dashboards - Media breaks and multiple maintenance are avoided

✔️ Global templates can be defined and adapted at the click of a mouse - uniform as well as comparable standards are created

Availability regardless of location

✔️ All information from all boards is available worldwide with one click and in real time

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Functions that support you on your way to operational excellence

Networked SFM boards

Keep everything in view with configurable dashboards.

  • Customize SFM boards and views per team

  • KPIs and list items based on predefined templates to establish global & comparable visualization standards

  • Overview view based on CTC logic (clarity - transparency - consistency)


Capture KPI values manually or automated via REST API.

  • Possibility to directly link measures in case of a target-actual deviation

  • Automatic aggregation of KPI values along the cascade and summarization on a weekly or monthly basis

  • Display of cumulative total or cumulative average for a given period (e.g., YTD observations)

Structured Problem Solving

Solve problems in a structured and sustainable way with the appropriate team.

  • Guided process for structured problem solving with the A3 method (Ishikawa, 5x Why method)

  • Cross-functional collaboration by linking tasks

  • Company-wide knowledge database for archived A3 reports

Deviation Management

Detect deviations at a glance and eliminate them sustainably.

  • Immediate detection of deviations through automatic status rules such as "red, if actual < target".

  • Initiate problem solving by linking measures, among others, directly to the key figure

  • Cascading of measures to higher key figures or management levels if support is required

Measure Management

Link appropriate measures to address variances.

  • Define appropriate measures

  • Involve support areas by linking tasks

  • Cascade measures to request support from superiors or neighboring areas

Task Management

Manage all tasks effortlessly with the Kanban-style task board.

  • Schedule recurring tasks for process confirmation (T-Card)

  • Drag & drop widget to link deviations/actions, top issues, Go & See and feedback

  • Single point of task: all tasks from processes end up in users' home teams

We now have the possibility to inform ourselves about the status of production at any time and from anywhere. To detect deviations at an early stage and react accordingly.
Jens Priebe
Jens Priebe
Head of Lean Production, Siemens Healthineers
With ValueStreamer we have a software solution that supports our defined SFM processes and we don't have to adapt our processes to a prefabricated software solution.
Christoph Peter
Director OPEX, EJOT

Other relevant features

List Editor

Create dynamic lists, e.g. inventory lists - with just a few clicks. 

Cascade Navigator

Navigate to all SFM boards across all teams with one click.

List of Measures 

Keep track of ongoing as well as cascaded measures. 

Pareto Chart

Prioritize deviations according to the Pareto principle. 

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