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The most important functions at a glance 

All tasks in Shop Floor Management -
digitally supported with the functions of ValueStreamer®.

Why Valuestreamer®?

ValueStreamer® as a leadership tool supports the continuous improvement of processes and the optimization of collaboration.


Optimize processes in all areas of your business with digital Shop Floor Management. Learn more about the use cases.

due to digital
KPI Management

Keep track of all your key performance indicators with ValueStreamer®.


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One dashboard for all your Shop Floor Management KPIs


Use ValueStreamer® as a central platform for your KPI management and keep track of your performance.

Automatically collect, visualize, aggregate, and track relevant KPIs in real-time.
This allows you to identify problems immediately and initiate targeted countermeasures - at any time and from anywhere.

Ensure day-to-day operability and freedom from disruption and achieve operational excellence - with ValueStreamer® as a leadership tool.

Large screen show SQCDP shop floor board.

Manage key performance indicators with ValueStreamer®

Your advantages

Always one step ahead of your competitors.

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Faster problem solving

The clear visualization of your KPIs in real time lets you detect deviations early. You can react immediately before disruptions have a negative impact on the process.


Better decision making

Deviations and countermeasures are linked to the respective KPI – this allows you to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

Increased efficiency

Save time and resources by automatically collecting and aggregating KPIs.
Identify optimization potential and increase efficiency sustainably.

Better overview

Easily create individual dashboards according to your needs and track only the KPIs that are important to you. This way, you can keep track of all relevant information.

Better collaboration

Share relevant data with your team in one place and in performance dialogue. Improve collaboration and alignment - across departments and locations.


Say goodbye to manual data collection

With digital KPI management


Whether it's OEE, reject rates or sick leave - no matter which KPIs are relevant for your department, an established KPI system as well as constant KPI monitoring is the basis for fact-based decision-making and therefore for continuous process improvement and achieving operational excellence.

Manually transferring KPI values from existing data sources and systems (e.g. Excel, MES or SAP) and maintaining them multiple times on the physical "paper" Shop Floor Boards along the cascade can lead to transfer errors and reduced responsiveness.
Critical deviations are not recognized at all or too late and errors occur repeatedly.

With ValueStreamer® you create ONE "(data) point of truth" and thus increase efficiency in the daily shopfloor management process by up to 99%.


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Analog Shopfloor Boards with Paper Cards

The most important functions at a glance


Get to your KPI dashboard with just a few clicks

  • Configure company-wide KPIs in our intuitive KPI editor

  • Create your individual team boards including your relevant KPIs with just a few clicks

  • You decide whether the KPIs are collected manually or automatically via the API interface 

Team board with customizable key figures


Collect & visualize key performance indicators

  • Clear visualization of KPIs in the form of diagrams on the SQCDP board

  • Quick and easy viewing of data from different angles through key figures drilldown

  • Automatic and digital collection, evaluation, and provision of your KPIs

  • Automatic evaluation of productivity and comparison with target values

  • Provision of interactive real-time data

Key figures and their degree of achievement visualized by means of a bar chart with ValueStreamer


Track KPIs & identify problems

  • Immediate detection of errors and deviations

  • Systematic error analysis in real time

  • Deviations and measures, directly linked to the KPI

  • Automated, standardized & meaningful presentation of results

Deviation from key figure marked as a red triangle.
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Benefit from further advantages of ValueStreamer®

All benefits of our digital Shop Floor Management system at a glance.


User access management via single sign on, SAML authentication, OAuth.
The use of country-specific servers ensures a high level of security (ISO 27001 certification).

Web-based & hardware-independent

Easy access via browser. Possible with Windows, iOS, MacOs, Android operating systems on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Data integration

API interface enables seamless integration with existing IT systems, data silos are avoided due to high compatibility.

Method knowledge

The development of our digital Shop Floor Board is based on many years of lean management expertise and experience. Methodology knowledge is therefore an important core element of the software and our implementation approach.

Easy installation

Benefit from low IT efforts as well as costs due to our cloud-based SaaS solution (Software as a Service).

Central information platform

Data can be accessed at short notice; information is clearly visualized. Authorized persons receive relevant information at a glance and can react quickly and effectively - at any time, from any location.

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