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The most important functions at a glance 

All tasks in Shop Floor Management -
digitally supported with the functions of ValueStreamer®.

Why Valuestreamer®?

ValueStreamer® as a leadership tool supports the continuous improvement of processes and the optimization of collaboration.


Optimize processes in all areas of your business with digital Shop Floor Management. Learn more about the use cases.

More efficiency in the product development process

Optimize your PDP and control it agilely with digital Shop Floor Management.


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Faster time to market,
reduced costs,
maximum customer benefit


Products are becoming more complex, designs more modular.

An efficient product development process is therefore becoming increasingly important in order to remain competitive.
In many companies, however, the PDP is characterized by a lack of transparency, inadequate communication and ineffective collaboration.

With digital Shop Floor Management you create clarity across the entire product development process.
It helps you to control the PDP smoothly and precisely across all phases.
This allows you to develop high-quality products at competitive costs and bring them to market quickly.

Optimize your product development process with our solution for digital Shop Floor Management.

Functions & Boards

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Complete transparency across all process phases

Thanks to the various board views and functions of ValueStreamer®, you can maintain an overview of the individual phases and sub-projects and manage cross-functional teams efficiently.


The multi-process board gives you a comprehensive overview of the entire PDP and enables you to manage it efficiently.

  • Overview of all sub-projects

  • Thanks to color coding, you can see project progress, deviations and other project-relevant information at a glance

  • Customize the board to your requirements and working methods by flexibly configuring swim lanes and processes


The individual process view enables even more effective management of sub-projects within the PDP.

  • Overview of all relevant information at management level. You can immediately evaluate the sub-project in terms of quality, costs & time

  • Thanks to the detailed collection of all information, you can identify potential problems at an early stage

  • You get clarity about linked sub-processes, tasks, etc. at a glance. This allows you to control and adapt project plans in a more targeted manner


With task management, you can achieve agile detailed planning of all activities. This allows you to manage existing resources efficiently and improve the productivity of your team.

  • Plan all activities in the individual project team & adapt them flexibly. You can react more quickly to changes in the project environment or unforeseen challenges

  • Use workflows to automatically generate predefined action plans. This ensures seamless networking of all areas involved

  • The automatic transfer of information between the teams improves communication, promotes transparency and ensures a smooth process


By automatically recording and measuring key process indicators as part of KPI management, you can increase your project efficiency.

  • Keep an eye on lead time and adherence to deadlines at all times - in the project and on the line

  • Recognize bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the entire process chain immediately. This allows you to react quickly and initiate countermeasures

  • Link countermeasures directly to the deviation. This allows you to keep an eye on progress at all times and ensure the process flow


With the digitally guided problem-solving process, you can systematically and efficiently eliminate deviations in your PDP.

  • Identify the top deviations at a glance

  • Promote problem solving across teams and hierarchies through the digitally guided, systematic procedure (PDCA or A3 report)

  • Benefit from the digital documentation of the problem solution. This shortens the response time for recurring problems and drives the CIP forward

The simple linking of project information and the functional cascade has made our development work even more efficient, despite many colleagues working from home.
Michael Hübscher
PMO, Weber

Your benefits in
product development

From brainstorming to market readiness - our software for digital Shop Floor Management supports you in bringing your projects to a successful and timely conclusion.

Increased process transparency

Real-time insights make it possible to precisely record actual conditions and react dynamically to challenges. Decisions are made on the basis of solid data.

Increased flexibility

Agile resource management allows you to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. This allows you to use resources efficiently and ensure the process flow.

Standardized processes

Thanks to workflows for the automatic generation of action plans and tasks, clear responsibilities and standards are established. Deviations at interfaces are reduced and the process flow is ensured.

More efficient collaboration

The continuous exchange of data and information breaks down silos, promotes collaboration and simplifies coordination. You benefit from shorter development cycles.

Improved quality

Defects or quality deficiencies are detected at an early stage and eliminated consistently as well as sustainably. This leads to lower reject rates and more satisfied customers.

Increased project efficiency

The connection of third-party systems enables automatic data collection and updating, bundled in one place. Multiple data maintenance efforts are eliminated, lead times are shortened and overall productivity is increased.

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