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The most important functions at a glance 

All tasks in Shop Floor Management -
digitally supported with the functions of ValueStreamer®.

Why Valuestreamer®?

ValueStreamer® as a leadership tool supports the continuous improvement of processes and the optimization of collaboration.


Less troubleshooting, more structured problem solving

Solve complex problems systematically and sustainably with ValueStreamer®.


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Digitally guided problem-solving process

Put an end to time-consuming troubleshooting and complicated solution finding – with ValueStreamer®.

The digitally guided problem-solving process of our software supports you in solving complex problems and their causes systematically and sustainably – across functions, departments, and locations.

Problem solving is based on proven methods from lean management: use PDCA or A3 – digitally implemented with ValueStreamer®.

Benefit from unobstructed processes and spend less time on troubleshooting!


Problem-solving process
Screen shows Pareto chart of the digital Shop Floor Management system ValueStreamer

Solve problems sustainably with ValueStreamer®

Your benefits of the guided, digital problem-solving process.

Worker with tablet stands in production


Track actions and their effectiveness – anytime, from anywhere, at a glance. With the guided problem-solving process, you won't lose sight of anything.


Fast problem

Clear visualization enables you to identify problems and their causes immediately. Thus, you don't lose any time in tackling the causes.


The digitally guided problem-solving process is based on the proven PDCA and A3 lean management methods. This allows you to solve problems with structure.

Increased problem-solving

Regular application of the problem-solving methods becomes routine for your employees. The techniques are applied automatically and intuitively - you solve problems faster and increase the problem-solving competence of everyone involved.


Networked boards and tasks reduce cross-functional coordination efforts. By easily sharing data in real time, everyone involved can see what needs to be done at a glance - right where it happens.


Say goodbye to recurring errors


Whether you're dealing with machine breakdowns on the Shop Floor or a slowdown in order fulfillment, all problems have two things in common: they always have a core cause that needs to be found and solved in a structured way in order to avoid the problems in the future.

Why structured problem solving?

Structured problem solving is used to solve problems effectively as well as efficiently. The systematic approach eliminates the core cause of the problem. This ensures that the problem does not recur and that the solution is sustainable.

Without structured problem solving, problems can persist longer, require more resources, and produce inadequate solutions.

Use ValueStreamer®'s digitally guided structured problem-solving process and save time as well as money and achieve better results.


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CEO and division managers check deviations in production with deviation management from ValueStreamer

Structured problem-solving process - digitally guided

ValueStreamer® supports you digitally and method-oriented in the systematic solution of your problems.

1. Recognize problem

Identify problems in time, describe and prioritize them - with the integrated deviation management.

  • Automatic detection of deviations
  • Automatic prioritization of problems in the Pareto chart
Create problem-solving method as a countermeasure to eliminate the deviation directly in the deviation.

2. Choose method

Choose the right tool for your specific problem:

  • Error correction measures according to PDCA or
  • start the guided problem-solving process with the digital A3 report 


Problem solving method error correction measure according to PDCA

2.1 Method: error correction measure according to PDCA

Use the integrated PDCA method to eliminate minor error conditions and deviations.

Problem solving method digital A3 report

2.2 Method: digital A3-Report

Use A3 digital report (including 5x why method and Ishikawa) to resolve critical and recurring issues in a structured manner.

3. Track troubleshooting

Implement problem resolution actions and track progress with targeted measure management:

  • Automatic linking of deviations & countermeasures

  • Clearly arranged list of measures 

  • Cross-functional task management 

4. Sustainable problem-solving

Solve problems sustainably by checking the effectiveness of measures, confirming measures, and transferring them into standards.

Benefit from cross-site and ISO-compliant storage of the measures archive and archived A3 reports in an enterprise-wide knowledge base.

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„We now have the possibility to inform ourselves about the status of production at any time and from anywhere. To detect deviations at an early stage and react accordingly. "

Jens Priebe
Siemens Healthineers



Benefit from further advantages of ValueStreamer®

Discover all the benefits of our digital Shop Floor Management system.


User access management via single sign on, SAML authentication, OAuth.
The use of country-specific servers ensures a high level of security (ISO 27001 certification).

Web-based & hardware-independent

Easy access via browser. Possible with Windows, iOS, MacOs, Android operating systems on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Data integration

API interface enables seamless integration with existing IT systems, data silos are avoided due to high compatibility.

Central information platform 

Data can be accessed at short notice; information is clearly visualized. Authorized persons receive relevant information at a glance and can react quickly and effectively – at any time, from any location.

Easy installation

Benefit from low IT efforts as well as costs due to our cloud-based SaaS solution (Software as a Service).


Information is linked and integrated into the digital Shop Floor workflow - creating coherent processes that are permanently traceable.

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Solve complex problems in a structured and cross-functional way with ValueStreamer®!


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