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The most important functions at a glance 

All tasks in Shop Floor Management -
digitally supported with the functions of ValueStreamer®.

Why Valuestreamer®?

ValueStreamer® as a leadership tool supports the continuous improvement of processes and the optimization of collaboration.


Optimize processes in all areas of your business with digital Shop Floor Management. Learn more about the use cases.

Software for smart process control 

Optimize workflows and simplify complex processes with ValueStreamer®.


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One single dashboard to control your work processes


ValueStreamer® helps you simplify complex workflows and continuously optimize processes.

With our digital solution, you can transparently manage both business processes (e.g., order fulfillment process) and multi-project processes (e.g., PDP), foster collaboration across teams and hierarchies, and focus on process deviations.

Integrated process and Kanban boards allow you to manage all project processes which are relevant to your team to maximize efficiency.

Visualize different business processes, track the current processing progress, and control all processes in your projects.

With ValueStreamer® you effortlessly keep control of your processes!



Large screen shows process board of the ValueStreamer digital Shop Floor management system.

Efficient process control with ValueStreamer®

This is how you benefit from our software for digital Shop Floor Management when controlling your work processes.

Meeting of a project team in the development office.

Better process transparency

Track all workflows and tasks in the process as well as project environment in one place.
You always have a real-time view of team performance and can make informed decisions quickly.


Faster problem solving

Identify and resolve process deviations immediately – with networked process boards. Initiate and track countermeasures. Thus, you reduce downtime and minimize negative impact on the project.

Increased efficiency

Automation ensures reliable and consistent process flow, increases process reliability, and reduces coordination efforts between teams.
You use time and resources more efficiently, and productivity increases.

Better collaboration

Networked process boards make it easier for you to coordinate and escalate – across team boundaries and locations.
Communicate effortlessly with your project team and get more done, even when working remotely.


Optimized workflows for more productivity

With smart process control


Often, projects and processes lack transparency, problems are identified late, and team collaboration is difficult.

Transparent process control is the key to optimally and efficiently coordinating complex business processes and the associated workflows and tasks.

ValueStreamer® offers the perfect digital solution for this:
By visualizing business processes, their progress as well as automation, our Shop Floor Management software makes it easier for you to efficiently control workflows.

You’re not only implementing work processes efficiently, but you also improve transparency as well as collaboration within your team by linking process and line views.


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Project team views project progress on digital process board.


Everything at a glance -
with the process board 

  • Clear visualization of various business processes on flexible process boards

  • Clear visualization of relevant process tasks on Kanban-style dashboards

  • Central recording and control of simple processes as well as multi-process and multi-project environments

  • Quick and easy viewing for all participants

Kanban-style process board for process control.


Control processes

  • Control process tasks from different projects and processes in the respective specialist team – with the networked process and task boards

  • Ensure compliance with standards through process confirmation with T-Cards

  • Track process progress in real time – thus you can identify potential process deviations immediately and initiate structured problem solving

  • Actively control resource utilization in the context of task management

  • Management drill down into the fine control of linked task boards

  • Obtain support services through linked task and team boards

Kanban-style task board for process planning.



  • Automatic linking of milestones and Q- gates from the higher-level multi-project process (PEP)

  • Automatic creation of sub-processes, tasks, and checklists through integrated template management


Kanban-style task board for process control.
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"A brilliantly simple tool that connects all project participants in an efficient and targeted way and with which we have been managing the entire product development process since 2014.

Karl Müller


Benefit from further advantages

Discover all the benefits of our digital Shop Floor Management system ValueStreamer®.

Method knowledge

The development of our digital Shop Floor Board is based on many years of lean management expertise and experience. Methodology knowledge is therefore an important core element of the software and our implementation approach.

Easy installation

Benefit from low IT efforts as well as costs due to our cloud-based SaaS solution (Software as a Service).


Information is linked and integrated into the digital Shop Floor workflow – creating coherent processes that are permanently traceable.


User access management via single sign on, SAML authentication, OAuth.
The use of country-specific servers ensures a high level of security (ISO 27001 certification).

Web-based & hardware-independent

Easy access via browser. Possible with Windows, iOS, MacOs, Android operating systems on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Data integration

API interface enables seamless integration with existing IT systems, data silos are avoided due to high compatibility.

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Control your processes more efficiently with ValueStreamer®!


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