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The most important functions at a glance 

All tasks in Shop Floor Management -
digitally supported with the functions of ValueStreamer®.

Why Valuestreamer®?

ValueStreamer® as a leadership tool supports the continuous improvement of processes and the optimization of collaboration.


Optimize processes in all areas of your business with digital Shop Floor Management. Learn more about the use cases.

Maximizing efficiency in fulfilling orders 

Increase productivity and delight customers through the implementation of digital Shop Floor Management.


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Reduced expenses, enhanced commitment to meeting delivery dates, superior quality

In order to maintain long-term customer loyalty, simply offering flawless products is no longer sufficient.
Quick delivery, flexibility, and individual solutions are vital for customer satisfaction and company success.

At the same time, work processes are becoming increasingly complex. With the rise of diverse product variations, shorter product life cycles, and highly adaptable production methods, challenges are emerging, particularly in non-value-adding areas such as order fulfillment. These processes are characterized by long lead times and ineffective collaboration, resulting in increased costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Our software for digital Shop Floor Management provides the ultimate solution to effectively manage the order fulfillment process.
Create efficient workflows, enhance transparency, and improve collaboration as you take control of your processes.

Functions & Boards

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Gain full visibility into every step of your order fulfillment process

The different views of our software for digital Shop Floor Management ValueStreamer® enable you to keep track of every process step.


Order fulfillment process board

Keep track of all the orders currently in progress within your department.

  • Overview of all orders & the respective processing progress

  • Quick statement on the current status and advancement of orders, including their interconnections

  • Drag & drop widget for initiating deviation management

  • Individual configuration of the process and the swim lanes


Detailed view of an order

Find all essential details about an order conveniently consolidated in a single location.

  • Overview of the key aspects of an order for efficient status reporting within the order fulfillment team

  • Brief overview of the order's quality, costs, and timeline

  • Showcase all associated subcontracts, tasks, and checklists, along with any specified deviations and measures


Visualization of the sub-process

Break down the stages of your order fulfillment process to the fullest extent possible.

  • Overview of all ongoing orders within the sub-process, such as construction orders.

  • Connection to the primary order

  • Quick statement on the progress of sub-orders

  • Individual configuration of the process and the swim lanes


10-week planning

Rough planning of capacities within the expert teams involved based on the tasks automatically generated from the process workflows.

  • Rough planning of tasks for the upcoming 10 weeks in the expert teams

  • Visualization of interconnected orders

  • Identifying resource bottlenecks to proactively manage deviations

  • Visual representation of scheduled employee absences 


10-day management

Reliable and comprehensive scheduling of upcoming tasks with the ability to implement cascading actions in case of any deviations.

  • Detailed planning of tasks per employee for the upcoming 10 days

  • Get a comprehensive view of each employee's (total) workload with our easy-to-read capacity bar

  • Identifying resource bottlenecks to proactively manage any deviations

  • If necessary, the implementation of measures can be cascaded to the higher-level process board.

Unlock the potential of digital Shop Floor Management to revolutionize order fulfillment

Effortlessly streamline interconnected processes, foster complete transparency, accelerate timelines, optimize lead times, and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration with our software ValueStreamer®.

Real-time visibility
into processes

Gain real-time visibility into all orders and their connections, anytime and anywhere, empowering you to make informed and data-driven decisions.

Automatic recording of lead times & adherende to delivery dates

With the power of digital KPI management, you can effortlessly spot any deviations or malfunctions, ensuring a seamless process flow and reducing lead times.

Interconnection of the
departments involved

Utilize workflows to generate pre-defined action plans automatically, fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration.

information transfer

The interconnected Shop Floor Dashboards seamlessly transmit data and information, including tasks and error correction measures, without any interruptions or barriers.

Sustainable elimination
of deviations 

Achieve sustainable elimination of deviations with ease. By initiating deviation management directly on a process map, incorporating tasks and responsibilities, we ensure a consistent and dedicated effort towards eliminating errors.

Automatic data collection & synchronization

With the seamless integration of third-party systems through REST API, all your information is consolidated in one location. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple sets of data.

ValueStreamer as a tool enables consistency and transparency throughout the entire value stream.
Timo Haug
CEO, WISTA Werkzeugfertigungs-GmbH

Optimize your order fulfillment process now

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