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All tasks in Shop Floor Management -
digitally supported with the functions of ValueStreamer®.

Why Valuestreamer®?

ValueStreamer® as a leadership tool supports the continuous improvement of processes and the optimization of collaboration.


Optimize processes in all areas of your business with digital Shop Floor Management. Learn more about the use cases.

- Case Study -

Perforation Excellence: Precision meets efficiency

WISTA, Shopfloor Management and the digital Transformation



Whether vehicle seats, stamps, hygiene articles or sound insulation, the chances that you have already had indirect contact with WISTA are almost 100%.

Company profile: WISTA

WISTA is a dynamic market leader in perforation technology based in Bad Rappenau and offers an extensive portfolio in three areas: Mechanical Engineering, Tool Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing. With a dedicated team of 150 employees, WISTA masters the art of perforation by developing high-quality perforation machines and tools and implementing production orders with precision.




Challenges as opportunities for growth

During a period of rapid market growth, WISTA faced the welcomed challenge of meeting the high demand for single machine production. Customers increasingly demanded twice as fast delivery, which presented WISTA with the task of doubling its production speed without compromising quality. This market dynamic also led to rapid growth in organizational structures.

"How can I meet the high market demands in times of a pandemic and a shortage of skilled workers?" - Timo Haug, CEO WISTA


Solution & implementation: Shop Floor Management, but up-to-date

To meet these requirements, WISTA worked with STAUFEN.AG to integrate Shop Floor Management into the end-to-end process. But that was not enough for Managing Director Timo Haug. To prevent his office and production rooms from being full of whiteboards with paper cards and Excel printouts, he made use of the digital expertise of the consulting firm and its subsidiary Staufen. ValueStreamer GmbH.

The SaaS solution for digital Shop Floor Management, which can be easily adapted to customer requirements, enabled WISTA to visualize and control its entire order handling process - from order acceptance to delivery. The introduction of this system allowed a seamless link between sales, design, production and assembly, supported by recurring communication with the relevant facts.





Reduction of lead times


Delivery reliability


Fewer meetings

Use cases implemented and results achieved

With the Shop Floor Management project and ValueStreamer®, WISTA was able to achieve impressive improvements that continue to this day:

  • Reduction in lead times by 50%: The efficiency of the production lines has been significantly increased, resulting in a halving of the time from order to delivery.

  • Doubling of order throughput: WISTA was able to double its production capacity in order to meet the increased demand.

  • Transparent communication - thanks to the visualization in ValueStreamer® and the accompanying introduction of Shop Floor Management, internal communication could be made more targeted and waste caused by unnecessary interruptions in the daily routine could be massively reduced. This fact and the absolute transparency right down to the individual teams had a very positive effect on employee satisfaction.

WISTA Maschine
WISTA Maschine

A new level of productivity and customer satisfaction

The introduction of ValueStreamer® at WISTA has led to a comprehensive transformation that has not only increased productivity and efficiency, but has also had a lasting positive impact on customer satisfaction. These impressive improvements in lead time and order throughput speak for themselves and demonstrate the success of WISTA's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. This success story demonstrates how WISTA, with the support of STAUFEN. and ValueStreamer®, not only overcame market challenges, but used them as an opportunity to grow and thrive as a healthy company.

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