Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

Let's Build a Pyramid

The principle of planning has been around for as long as mankind has existed. Be it the winter preparations of the cavemen to the gigantic constructions of the Egyptians about 2700 years ago. All these endeavors between humans once started as a "project." In our webinar "Hybrid Planning in Projects" we go through the history of planning together with our Lean Development expert Stefan Kampa, and answer what are target-oriented planning approaches nowadays depending on the initial situation and how to operationalize them.


The new Software/Hardware Ratio

The requirements for new product development, whether in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, aviation or for medical devices are changing, and in particular the proportion of software compared to hardware is increasing rapidly. On the one hand, the degree of product complexity is increasing, while on the other hand, product life cycles are shortening enormously. For project managers and planners, this has a direct impact on how they have to deal with planning in order not to lose touch with the market.


The Agenda


Our experts from Staufen AG, Stefan Kampa and Staufen.ValueStreamer GmbH, Jens Roos will present planning approaches and a software solution that can be used to respond to the changing conditions and requirements in the best possible way. Under the motto: "Hybrid Planning in Projects", you will learn, based on an example from the automotive industry, how approaches from different areas together lead to the goal: to bring a high-quality product to the customer within the specified time and cost framework. This webinar will be held in German language.

Contents of the Webinar


  • History of planning

  • How planning changes

  • How to deal with deviations

    • Recognizing and evaluating deviations

    • Initiating a deviation management process

    • Linking measures (across teams)

  • Planning 4.0 example based on a product development process in the automotive industry

  • The right tool

  • Tips and tricks


Who is this for?

When your job has anything to do with planning in larger projects you shouldn't miss this webinar.

  • PMO Leader

  • Lean Manager

  • Product Development Manager

  • Process Owner

  • Project Manager

  • Product Manager

How long does it take?

Our webinars will usually take 60 minutes which include about 15 minutes of questions and answers. If you have any questions beforehand, simply contact us using our form.

What language?

This webinar will be held in German language. If you want to get notified on the next international webinar or if you are looking for a transcript in the English language, please feel free to contact us.


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