Smart & Lean

A Guide To Setup Your Digital Shop Floor Management.


Your Shop Floor Redefined By You

More room takes less space in the digital world. Every board imaginable for every team and their specific needs now takes as much space as your typical 55" TV.

We Got You Covered.


All Your Shop Floor Boards
In The Palm Of Your Hand.

Defining a countermeasure directly at the Gemba or participating a Shop Floor Meeting from your home office, the responsive user interface from ValueStreamer brings the entire board to where you are right now.


Connectivity & Robot Precision

Is it a KPI that needs to aggregated to upper management or an OEE from your MES that builds this KPI, ValueStreamer has your back. Our REST-API allows for a wide variety of connectors to turn your data into useful Shop Floor Information. The management report then builds itself and respective actions and decisions can be taken based on facts.

Shop Floor Management 4.0

Since the early nineties Shop Floor Management is an established leadership method in the western hemisphere and has been adopted in many industries. Bringing the method into the digital world is the logical step we took in
the year 2014.

Beyond Production

You wouldn't call an engineering or accounting office a Shop Floor by physical standards but nonetheless both are places of value creation. As a matter of fact - every business sector should be.

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