Always know what's going on

Use a digital image to manage every area of your company.
Around the world. In real time. And more efficiently than ever.

Always know what's going on

Use a digital image to manage every area of your company.
Around the world. In real time. And more efficiently than ever.

With ValueStreamer®, you can leverage the success factors of a paper-based approach to shop floor management — and create information transparency across multiple sites and throughout the value chain based on one set of data.

Make data entry and maintenance easier, and transfer data seamlessly by automating the aggregation of information like KPIs across the entire cascade.

In addition to use in classic production shop-floor environments, ValueStreamer® is also used to agily manage processes, projects and tasks throughout the entire company.

ValueStreamer® can be perfectly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, regardless of whether it is cloud hosting, on-premise operations or links to third-party systems.


Team Performance

ValueStreamer® uses select KPIs to give you real-time information about your department's performance, regardless of whether you're dealing with interdisciplinaryteams that have an agilestructure or with a classic departmental hierarchy. Visualizations of information about processes, status and other data points help identify non-compliance and downtime. Data can be entered at every level both manually and automatically. The values determined are aggregated automatically and in real time. The team board displays a variety of list views and provides an overview of all of the current team measures and/or weekly topics; it can also show the Go & See dates that have been arranged.



Visualize and control all of your company's processes — from order processing, service and bidding to product development processes (PDP).

Integrated template management lets you depict entire workflows by generating standardized and process phase-specific tasks automatically. This improves interdisciplinary and interdepartmental work throughout your company.


Task board / Scrum board

Keep an overview of the work status (backlog, work in progress, etc.) within your team at all times, no matter whether you want interdisciplinary or department-specific information. Tasks from interdisciplinary teams are automatically entered on the task board of the department as a duplicate. This helps you prevent redundancies in creating task cards gives you complete transparency about all of your employees' tasks in every kind of process. A wide variety of filters as well as sorting and categorization functions support you in your daily work with the task board or scrum board, such as grouping by priority or kind of task.



Trouble ticker

The ValueStreamer® trouble ticker helps you track disruptions in processes and tasks. Clusters of disruptions are identified, and you can use this information to create countermeasures that eliminate them permanently using PDCA logic. Call up the support of higher hierarchical levels and escalate the appropriate measures with a simple click. The visibility and trackability of escalated measures will remain available on both levels thanks to the common data set.



A variety of integrated apps allow you to manage functions in different view modes. Other apps can easily be added on via DB Designer as well as the app store of the SmartWE platform, thus expanding the standard system by additional functions.



Straightforward integration into existing systems

Integrate ValueStreamer® into your existing system landscape. Project data can be transferred from other planning systems, and tasks or order information can be compared or linked to your ERP system.

Enter data only once: you can put them in ValueStreamer® or a third-party system and use them in both systems. Data sets can be read, generated, edited and deleted as an open system that can be accessed by the interface.

ValueStreamer® is a cloud-based solution which offers access via all current browsers and supports integration via standard programming languages. It is designed so that your data from existing systems can be synchronized.

Platform-independent use guarantees an optimal visualization and user-friendliness for desktop computers, large touch screens and mobile devices alike. And the software is intuitive and uses touch-screen navigation.

You have your choice of hosting ValueStreamer® in-house or via the Internet (at a German computer center). It is ideal for international use because it features multiple languages.



Together we will turn your projects into a success story.

Karl Müller, Chief Technology Officer, Marquardt Gmbh

Marquardt has increased its management efficiency as a BestPractice and development partner by using ValueStreamer®. Implementing the virtual shop-floor management systems allowed them to accomplish the following:

Lowering project lead times by 25%
Increasing product throughput by 55%
Increasing transparency across hierarchy levels by 100%
Increasing employee satisfaction
Increasing the quality of the development process by exchanging information internationally in real time

An ingeniously simple and brilliant tool, which efficiently and expediently brings all of the project participants together.


A solid partnership

As an international consultant in the field of lean management, Staufen has extensive experience in managing and working in compliance with lean principles. Important lean methods such as implementing shop floor management and designing multi-project landscapes were the cornerstone for developing ValueStreamer®. By joining forces with CAS Software, the German market leader for customer relationship management (CRM) in mid-sized enterprises, a software solution was created which visualizes complex processes and projects and expands shop floor management to include virtualization.