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Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.

Data is the Oil of
the 21st Century.

But just as oil has to be refined into fuel, data only adds
value if the quality is right and its use is properly organized. The webinar "Collecting data, creating value" with our valued partners from FORCAM shows ways to achieve this.


From Dashboard to Action.

Digitally controlled production requires a standardized organization of data collection and data use. High-quality data must be used in the daily management/decision-making process. Deviations from the target must be identified through structured and cross-team problem-solving methodologies and visualized and evaluated with key figures on standardized boards.


For factory teams, this means working with accurate and up-to-date information and, through user-friendly boards, knowing at all times how to use the data and what consequences to initiate in the event of deviations.


The Agenda

In the webinar "Collecting Data, Creating Value", the experts from ValueStreamer and FORCAM show how such an overall process is organized, operationalized through data quality, and ultimately transformed into value creation: a high-quality product in the specified timeframe.

The webinar is aimed at production managers, digitization project managers and IT specialists. The event will be held in the German language.

Contents of the webinar


  • Organizing the overall process: Data in the daily decision-making process - leading with clarity, transparency and consistency

  • Collecting data and making it available in high quality

  • Making data "work”

    • Identify and evaluate deviations (SQCDP and KPIs)

    • Initiate a deviation management process

    • (Linking countermeasures to "bad" KPIs)

    • Structured and cross-team problem solving (PDCA, A3 report)

    • Knowledge database for archived/solved problems for posterity

  • Tips and tricks


Learn how to easily create, track and improve your KPIs. Everything is displayed simply and understandably on your individually configured boards.


Improve Collaboration along the entire cascade significantly by connecting the right people to the right processes - globally!


The devil is in the details, but with our Pareto Tool, the A3 assistant and PDCA problem solving guide, you'll find him way quicker and defeat him sustainably.

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