What's in it?

We are proud to present our first major update for the year 2022. The main subjects being covered are structured problem solving with the A3-Report, an entirely overhauled language setup and two very important key performance indicators for your daily shop floor meetings, the self calculating on-time delivery and the cumulative flowchart.

More Progress in the Process of Problem Solving with the all new digital A3 Report

When you see yourself solving similar problems over and over and over again, it is time to eliminate the root cause. And because the root is not always in plain sight or obvious, this could be time consuming and stressful challenge to go on your own. That's where we want to introduce our digital A3 Report, that enables you to solve problems cross functionally in a visually guided process. Invite the appropriate experts with their methodological expertise to get back to trouble-free operation as quickly as possible.


Language is the key
to the world.

Although Shopfloor Management is a language in itself, we are proud to introduce our new language management system. With this update, French, Polish and Hungarian are now also available. This means that in addition to German and English, we now have a total of five languages in our standard system. What do you think should be the next language? Write us a message.


More than just Progress. Your project flow in real time with the Cumulative Flow Diagram.

In a process, the status quo consists not only of the point at which you are currently standing, but also of which obstacles could put the flow in danger. Our new Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) provides you with all this information. Average lead time, inventories, coverage and completed process activities provide information about performance at a glance.


Your Package has arrived.
But in time?

Avoid penalties by getting a clear picture of the "on-time delivery" metric. The moving average is calculated from the planned to actual deadlines in real time, in individual process steps as well as aggregated over the entire process. This enables you to dive into the processes and initiate appropriate countermeasures.


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