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Numbers Don’t Lie: ValueStreamer® Increases Sales.

The Right Product For Your Customers.

We realize that you need to constantly be close to your current and future customers in order to successfully sell your products and services. ValueStreamer® allows you to keep an eye on efficiency and effectiveness through a high level of transparency of ongoing activities despite physical distance.


Maintain an overview of costs and project status.

Leadership at a distance is a challenge, as your employees may not only be geographically distant, may also used to acting freely and adapting processes to their regional and personal requirements.


ValueStreamer® provides accurate, concurrent status of strategy implementation, target achievement, as well as costs across the entire sales organization. This level of transparency means that the effort for reporting decreases and the active sales time of your sales staff is maximized.


More effective Problem solving.

ValueStreamer® clearly consolidates and streamlines processes that are currently only encountered in sales meetings, through CRM systems with data quality, which is often in need of improvement, or when employees report that sales fail to materialize.


All relevant information at a glance.

Imagine you knew at any time, exactly where action is needed to make a successful customer deal. And that your regional managers had the information necessary increase the performance of the sales team and make them more successful every day. ValueStreamer® provides you and your sales team with relevant information to make that image a reality.

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