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Business Sectors / Production

Increase Production Output and Ensure Quality.

Feel the Pulse Anytime, Everywhere.

Maximize assurance of deliveries.

Ensure the delivery capability and availability of your products and stay in constant contact with other company locations and external network partners. Make better decisions based on the clear and concise presentation of complex data from multiple systems. Easily monitor all local and global tasks on all your Digital Shop Floor boards.

Easily view all relevant KPIs

  • Team Shop Floor Board with SQCDP Overview

  • Drill down into KPIs

  • Creation of team specific KPIs

  • Capture and evaluate deviations based on the PARETO principle

Navigation along the team hierarchy

  • Top-down and bottom-up, along the hierarchy

  • Access to all shop floor management boards

  • Limit access to undisclosed data

  • Enable both project and hierarchical views


Deviation Management

  • Target non-performing KPIs

  • Link deviations and measures on KPIs, tasks, projects and processes

  • Clear evaluation of time, cost and frequency deviation

  • Link to Top 3 Topic, Gemba Walks and feedbacks

  • Selection of deviation management or problem-solving method A3

What's Your Main Focus?


Learn how to easily create, track and improve your KPIs. Everything is displayed simply and understandably on your individually configured boards.

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Improve Collaboration along the entire cascade significantly by connecting the right people to the right processes - globally!

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The devil is in the details, but with our Pareto Tool, the A3 assistant and PDCA problem solving guide, you'll find him way quicker and defeat him sustainably.

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