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Tested and proven: ValueStreamer® streamlines development.

Your development department is continuously measured by innovation, predevelopment, applications, series support, adaptability to change, staff, equipment, and of course costs. Only clear, constant transparency of all aspects can ensure success.


Budget compliance: a daily challenge.

Technical issues arise in every development project. All other departments are looking to you for solutions and It seems like neither budgets nor deadlines can be met. ValueStreamer® provides the comprehensive, real-time perspective and detailed information needed, so both you and other departments can react accordingly.


Avoid inefficient multitasking.

Juggling multiple tasks on a daily basis can hinder efficiency. Managing staff, lengthy meetings and decisions based on vague data all jeopardize productivity. ValueStreamer® streamlines tasking to boost efficiency.


Targeted transparency is key to success.

Clear and accurate project status that is visible for everyone involved. Information flows both horizontally and vertically, ensuring full transparency. Problem-oriented decisions can be made, escalations prepared in a structured way, forwarded and solved. You no longer just react, but actively manage projects and departments based on facts and decision templates along coordinated sub-goals. Customer supplier interfaces are committed along the process, at all levels of the organization.

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