What is ValueStreamer?

​Individually scalable for all industries and their specific business sectors.
Process management is not a topic that concerns only one specific department. It is a company-wide issue. And every department has its unique processes and concerns. ValueStreamer® allows you to model your specific processes painlessly within one central system, and so can your colleagues in other departments.

The advantages become apparent when teams and their processes are connected like nodes on a circuit board. Now you can stream your collaboration and KPIs continuously throughout your entire company.

Digitization vs. Digitalization

In the context of Digital Transformation, two terms are often being confused. To digitize or to digitalize something and the difference hides in the word "something". What is being transformed here so to speak. Simply put, you digitize something from analog format to a digital format e.g. when you convert your favorite vinyl LP into an MP3 file, it's still the same music but in a digital format. So far so good but we want to achieve more with the digitalization of Shop Floor Management. Because digitalization means to transform an entire business or business process.


In our case it's about how to orchestrate collaboration within your organization and benefit from the speed, the precision and the connectivity of a Digital Shop Floor Management System. Because swapping $50 analog boards for $1,500 digital ones would be a pretty bad deal.

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