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All according to plan: ValueStreamer® simplifies project management.

Feel the Pulse Anytime, Everywhere.

Ensure the smooth operation of both complex multi-project landscapes and individual projects. Keep track of projects and corporate strategy to ensure that both go hand in hand.

Keep Track of Multiple Projects

  • Create transparency of the project portfolio and the corresponding individual project status on a daily basis.

  • Organize and moderate regular meetings to monitor and control the portfolio status, updates and deviation management.

  • Enable solutions to ad hoc conflicts with demand-oriented, rapid analyses and deep-dives.

  • Maintain communication and the corresponding flow of information on the project portfolio.

  • Create standards to improve and secure portfolio management as well as control.


Information Flow is Key

  • Collect and prepare data from various systems and media to create transparency at all times.

  • Inform the right stakeholders in promptly to initiate a task force for ad-hoc troubleshooting.


All Relevant Information at a Glance

  • Continuous transparency on projects, in real-time

  • Effortless cross-media continuity

  • Allow targeted corrections of performance data from the collaboration.

  • Maintain an overview and generate commitment in deviation management


Reduce Costs With Digital Shop Floor Management

  • Realize more projects with the same team.

  • Lower costs per project

  • Reduce project failure

  • Improve customer satisfaction

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