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Problem Solved: ValueStreamer® Improves Maintenance Processes.

The Right Tools at Your Disposal. Anytime.

Keep a continuous overview of the status of maintenance activities with daily assessment of measures and requirements. Clearly monitor TPM autonomous maintenance and easily coordinate all aspects of maintenance, repair and servicing.

Optimal information flow despite physical distance.

Leadership at a distance is a challenge. With ValueStreamer®, you can prioritize maintenance measures and react to and correct system failures immediately, as well as plan recurring activities in by means of a prediction in order to improve the planning of maintenance.


Planned maintenance measures are key to success.

Merge cross-media data to achieve optimum transparency and migrate from emergency measures to planned maintenance by monitoring activities in production and in interaction with common maintenance systems.


Targeted transparency based on real-time information.

Rely on continuous overview of the current status of the maintenance measures in real time. Synchronize maintenance with production and avoid time consuming updates.


Benefit from the synchronization of maintenance and production.

  • Higher efficiency and effectiveness

  • Reduction of unplanned interruptions in production

  • More even workload of the maintenance staff


ValueStreamer® in Maintenance.

  • Presentation of maintenance measures in the ValueStreamer® at plant/machine level and in the organization of the divisions

  • Drilldown for the maintenance management

  • Linking the communication between ValueStreamer® and maintenance software/ERP or AI-based system

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