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DSFM: It’s Like Cheating at Tetris.

Your KPIs Have GPS now.

Your Hub-Network is your Net-Worth. Expand on it by having a clearer picture of your inventory turnover and achieve absolute DIFOT (Delivery in Full on Time)

Keep track of quality, costs and timing at all times, from any location. Monitor occupational safety, identify and prioritize issues with traffic-light logic and demonstrate effectiveness by capturing trends.

ValueStreamer® provides you with all the features you need to sustainably improve collaboration in your organization.

This digital process and reporting tool streamlines your deviation management through faster escalation and decision making. It fosters more structured problem solving through synchronized communication across all locations, while increasing responsiveness through digitized, cross-functional metrics in real time.

Achieve faster results through effective management across all sites while enabling independent multiplication across your organization. And you can increase efficiency in meetings through significant reductions in reporting.

A simple integration into the web-based system-landscape provides increased transparency and easy access at all times – for all participants – to all relevant information.

Which Department Describes You Best?

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Learn how to easily create, track and improve your KPIs. Everything is displayed simply and understandably on your individually configured boards.

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Improve Collaboration along the entire cascade significantly by connecting the right people to the right processes - globally!

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The devil is in the details, but with our Pareto Tool, the A3 assistant and PDCA problem solving guide, you'll find him way quicker and defeat him sustainably.

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