Lean Thinking & Digital Saviness

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Step 1: Plan
Realize the digital benefits

  1. Organize collaboration by structuring communication and leadership processes across hierarchies and locations with real-time data

  2. Cross-team collaboration through automatic aggregation of key figures, connecting of process and task boards in the project and in the line (single point of task)

  3. Cross-functional deviation management through structured problem solving (A3 and PDCA)

  4. Significantly reduced maintenance effort by linking the team boards and integrating existing software solutions (ERP, MES) via the Connectivity Layer (REST API)

  5. Self-management: Personal dashboard with all open activities from the processes, tasks and problem solving involved

Step 2:
Identify the requirements

  1. Having a good understanding on what Shop Floor Management is all about helps. Having an established and working Shop Floor Management cascade is a very good starting point.

  2. Digital Shop Floor Management will work on any kind of computing device that is larger than 10” and has an internet browser installed. To conduct Meeting on the Shop Floor with several team members attending a 50” touch screen is recommended.

Step 3:
Ready For Take Off

  1. Pick a domain where SFM already is a lived by culture. A domain with standardized KPIs and a well-defined cascade.

  2. Order ValueStreamer via our website

  3. Create your first digital cascade and their KPIs

  4. Improve and adjust on what you have and don’t let up. Always remember the first two points of this guide. Why are you doing it and what are the benefits.

  5. Identify connectivity nodes to other IT systems together with your IT managers to speed up data exchange

  6. Pull in more key users

  7. Don’t water down LEAN methods, rethink their capabilities instead

  8. Perform audits to confirm winnings and identify shortcomings to improve upon

Step 4 Act:
Go Viral In Your Organization

  1. At this point you achieved so much bringing the company and their goals forward, it is time to talk about it.

  2. Create pull from other departments and business units by showing off what you and your team has achieved