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Reach New Altitudes in Collaboration.

Your KPIs Have Transponders Now.

Through the benefits of the structured, effective and efficient approaches of Digital Shop Floor Management, you can achieve higher process fidelity and timely product maturation at low volumes and at shorter production times.


ValueStreamer® will improve your companies delivery reliability and quality, as well as its competitiveness in unit costs and in delivery performance.


A clear and detailed, real-time overview of relevant information allows you to monitor and react to deviations in on-time deliveries, delivery quality and rejection rates, rework costs and first pass yield.


Easily master root-cause elimination and quickly react to fluctuations in demand, unplanned requirements and occurrences of unplanned disruptions in the manufacturing processes.

Which Department Describes You Best?

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Learn everything about how to easily create, track and improve your KPIs. Everything understandably displayed on your individually configured boards.


Improve Collaboration along the entire cascade significantly by connecting the right people to the right processes - globally!


The devil is in the details, but with our Pareto Tool, the A3 assistant and PDCA problem solving guide, you'll find him way quicker and defeat him sustainably.