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The ECM of Your Company.

Every Module Sends the Right Signal.

ValueStreamer® sets a uniform standard across your company and provides transparency across multiple halls and locations – even globally – at any point in time.

Countermeasures are permanently documented (VDA audit compliant) and can be reevaluated in at any time in the future – not simply wiped away at the end of the shift. Everything can be monitored from remote locations, like the overseas headquarter or even home office.

Easy to Read, Easy to Follow - Your KPI Tachometer.

Keep a constant eye on your most important KPIs: Output, quality, productivity, OEE, malfunctions and downtime, staffing levels, safety and accidents, and of course, costs. Not on different spreadsheets or presentations but on one single page for faster and more accurate decision making.

Avoid unpleasant surprises, by actively being warned before problems occur. Line standstill due to missing parts or equipment failure, if suppliers can’t deliver, strong call-off fluctuations in both directions from OEM, quality problems and failures in the field – all these issues can be both foreseen and avoided through detailed and transparent deviation recognition and timely problem-solving actions.

Long and complex supply chains in the e2e value stream, with mostly global inter-dependencies; complex technologies; long and synchronized value streams and a high number of variants that must be managed logistically, are all daily SFM challenges that can be easily mastered with coherent transparency of detailed information in ValueStreamer®.

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