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WEBINAR: Thursday, April 14, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. CEST

Solving Problems Sustainably

11" × 17" are the dimensions on which the A3 Report is based, a sheet of paper in A3 format, that is. It is intended to provide a clear and sufficient presentation of the problem and its solutions and has done so for many decades. However, both the number of problems and their globalization have multiplied in the last two decades. Learn in our webinar what problem solving means for you in the leadership context today and how you can benefit from the digitalization of the A3 report.


The o-rings that almost destroyed your company. (file photo)


Faster than the speed of sound - the digital A3 report

The Agenda


Our experts from Staufen Inova Switzerland, Dominik Bühlmann and Staufen.ValueStreamer GmbH, Jens Roos will present leadership approaches and a software solution to best respond to the changing environment. Under the motto:

"Problem solved!" we will show you that freedom from disruption is a competitive advantage you cannot possibly live without and how you can achieve both quickly and sustainably. (Webinar will be in German language)

Contents of the Webinar


  • Leadership vs. management and the 5 leadership tasks

  • Why companies need to solve problems

  • Differentiation of the A3 from other tools

  • Advantages of a meaningful digitalization of the A3

  • Software Demo

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Who is this for?

When your job has anything to do with planning in larger projects you shouldn't miss this webinar.

  • Quality Manager

  • Lean Manager

  • Process Owner

  • Project Manager

  • Product Manager

How long does it take?

Our webinars will usually take 60 minutes which include about 15 minutes of questions and answers. If you have any questions beforehand, simply contact us using our form.

What language?

This webinar will be held in German language. If you want to get notified on the next international webinar or if you are looking for a transcript in the English language, please feel free to contact us.

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