Time is probably the most expensive commodity there is. The more important it is to spend it accordingly. In business context that means for us to provide vital information as fast as possible and as precise as possible. For ValueStreamer this means you shouldn't take longer than 10 seconds to know what's going on with each deviation. Learn more about our "1-3-10 Second Rule" below.

The 1-3-10 Second Rule

1-3-10 Rule Step 1 EN.jpg

After One Second:

You can see that there is a deviation on the team board. Quickly recognizable by red status corner, top left by the KPI.

1-3-10 Rule Step 2 EN.jpg

After Three Seconds:

Recognize the issue or the reason for the deviation at the bottom left of the key figure.
In addition, you can see on the lower right whether a countermeasure has already been initiated and or a Go & See has been agreed.

1-3-10 Rule Step 3 EN.jpg

After Ten Seconds:

In the detailed view for the selected KPI, you get an overview of the countermeasures that have been initiated, who is responsible for them, and what progress (PDCA) they are in.

Count with us: 1-3-10!