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ValueStreamer® is used where traditional Shop Floor Management reaches its limits – as a leadership instrument for processes across locations and value streams.

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ValueStreamer® Example ValueStreamer® serves as a control tool for the simple and efficient management of your entire project environment. ValueStreamer®, the virtual Shop Floor Management tool permits efficient top-down and bottom-up information in complex processes. In that way, this leadership tool allows management a drill-down across all levels. ValueStreamer® is based on the Shop Floor Management system and virtualises this methodology through the use of the latest cloud technologies. Through optimum visualisation, ValueStreamer® thus makes it possible to use this methodology particularly in decentralised projects and processes. This results in the transparent visualisation of project status, performance indicators and required actions. Employees have clear access to all tasks at all times, and managers can identify the need for action at a glance.

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Project overview and fast drill-down for management

Multi-project board: All projects in the project phases and their current status
Project sheet: The project with tasks and actions
Sub-projects: The sub-project and the status of task completion
Task board: Allocation of tasks to resources (utilisation management)

Consolidation of performance indicators and definition of actions across all company levels

Management level: Performance of all business units
Unit level: Overview of unit performance using aggregated department performance figures
Departmental level: Overview of department performance using aggregated team performance figures
Team level: Overview of team performance


  • Information transparency and a speedy information flow across all hierarchy levels
  • (Global) exchange of information across sites in real time
  • Central data base with the same standard for all sites and value creation hubs
  • Aggregation of data and information (consolidating and cascading)
  • Avoidance of negative multitasking

  • Performance indicators (with reference to teams and individual employees)
  • Increased planning security through a more efficient management of business processes
  • Automatic calculation of processes and outcome indicators
  • Visual prioritisation of main disruptions using the Staufen "trouble ticker"

ValueStreamer® boosts your leadership efficiency with the aid of a purposeful deviation management. The focus in this is on process deviations. These disruptions are compiled, categorised, prioritised and actions defined. Specific action requirements are identified for deviations; these actions prioritised and followed up. This allows for the speedy identification and remediation of deviations, thus ensuring the efficient management of your company. 

Result: continuous improvement of processes and higher efficiency.


  • Cloud-based solution with access from all current browsers
  • Platform-independent application optimised for desktop, large touch screens and mobile devices
  • Hosting in-house or access via the internet (German data processing centre) as preferred
  • Intuitive software with touch-screen operation
  • International application in a range of languages
  • Individualisation of the ValueStreamer® through different views and configurations
  • Prepared interfaces for the linking of external data

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